150 years ago: Were Jackson’s Batteries ready?

In the two previous posts, I’ve focused on the quantity of guns in General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s Corps as reported in the February 1863 inspection.  The the shortfall was, if slowly, being rectified that winter. The report from Lieutenant Edmond P. Dandridge also assessed the status of battery equipment and personnel.  Since a battery isContinue reading “150 years ago: Were Jackson’s Batteries ready?”

150 years ago: Jackson in need of more guns

Earlier this month, I mentioned the reorganization within the artillery service of the Army of Northern Virginia. As part of Brigadier-General William N. Pendleton’s ongoing work to improve the artillery arm, Lieutenant Edmond P. Dandridge provided a detailed report of the state of Second Corps artillery on February 20, 1863. Dandridge’s inspections provide a snapshotContinue reading “150 years ago: Jackson in need of more guns”

150 Years Ago: Reorganizing the “Long Arm of Lee”

Shortly into January 1863, Brigadier General William N. Pendleton, Chief of Artillery for the Army of Northern Virginia (ANV), assigned two officers to inspection duties. Major G.W. Nelson inspected First Corps and the General Reserve artillery. Lieutenant Edmond P. Dandridge looked to the Second Corps artillery. By early February, Pendleton had enough information from theContinue reading “150 Years Ago: Reorganizing the “Long Arm of Lee””