White’s Ford Regional Park to open on Monday

Officially, on Monday June 9, Loudoun can boast another Civil War site for the public to visit – White’s Ford Regional Park.   This park has been a while in the making… and making…. and making.  But now it will be open to the public: Famous Potomac River Crossing Becomes Regional Park On Monday, June 9,Continue reading “White’s Ford Regional Park to open on Monday”

Marching Through Loudoun: June 23, 1863

June 23, 1863 was another day with no major troop movements in Loudoun County.  At this time five infantry corps and the cavalry corps camped across Loudoun. The remainder of the Army of the Potomac sat just across the county line in Fairfax and Prince William Counties.  For all the potential energy, the army lackedContinue reading “Marching Through Loudoun: June 23, 1863”

Update on White’s Ford Regional Park

Some time back, in 2008, Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority (NVRPA) announced plans to open the Virginia side of White’s Ford as a park. Progress towards that ends has not progressed as quickly as we’d like. Several issues have at times stalled the project, but were resolved in time. Currently, while the park is established,Continue reading “Update on White’s Ford Regional Park”