180 Civil War shells… destroyed in one large detonation

From the Saratogian News: The Civil War shakes South Glens Falls: Military detonates unsafe antique cannonballs South Glens Falls >> When explosions from a local quarry vibrated across the village Tuesday, residents in Warren, Washington and Saratoga counties also heard the booms and felt the trembling. Neither thunderstorms nor earthquakes, the detonations proved to beContinue reading “180 Civil War shells… destroyed in one large detonation”

Cast for Training, Used in Battle: The Cadet 6-pdrs

Although the regulation 6-pdr Model 1841 remained in production right up to the Civil War, several non-regulation light field guns appeared from the mid-1840s onwards.  These were cast to fill militia batteries, private concerns, or for experimental purposes.  Both Cyrus Alger and Ames Manufacturing produced light 4-pdr field guns, some of which saw action inContinue reading “Cast for Training, Used in Battle: The Cadet 6-pdrs”