Is that a Parrott or Chambers Gun?

My friend Phil Spaugy passed along an interesting link from the Virginia Military Institute archives.  The article, authored by L. VanLoan Naiswald and titled “Civil War Parrott Gun Met its First Successful Test on the VMI Post,” provides an overview of initial use of the famous Parrott rifle.  It appeared in the Spring 1993 editionContinue reading “Is that a Parrott or Chambers Gun?”

Bells into Guns: Tredegar’s Bronze 6-pdrs

When discussing the long production run of the Model 1841 6-pdr, I mentioned Confederate manufacture of the type.  At least six vendors produced 6-pdrs using the Model 1841 pattern for Confederate orders.  As with Federal manufacture, the production of the type ebbed and then ceased by mid-war.  Tredegar Foundry, in Richmond, produced just short ofContinue reading “Bells into Guns: Tredegar’s Bronze 6-pdrs”

Cast for Training, Used in Battle: The Cadet 6-pdrs

Although the regulation 6-pdr Model 1841 remained in production right up to the Civil War, several non-regulation light field guns appeared from the mid-1840s onwards.  These were cast to fill militia batteries, private concerns, or for experimental purposes.  Both Cyrus Alger and Ames Manufacturing produced light 4-pdr field guns, some of which saw action inContinue reading “Cast for Training, Used in Battle: The Cadet 6-pdrs”