The USS Monitor needs your help

Earlier this week, the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News suspended preservation activities related to the USS Monitor.  From their website: The Mariners’ Museum is temporarily closing a 5,000-square foot lab that houses the American Civil War ironclad USS Monitor’s gun turret and other large artifacts following the Dec. 31, 2013 expiration of an agreement withContinue reading “The USS Monitor needs your help”

Guns of the USS Monitor

Yesterday I had the opportunity to look at the two XI-inch Dahlgrens recovered with the turret from the USS Monitor.  The folks at the US Monitor Center have these in tanks undergoing treatment.  The guns will be there for several more years before this process is complete.  But even in the tanks, these guns revealContinue reading “Guns of the USS Monitor”

The “all purpose” shell gun: XI-inch Dahlgrens

If pressed to name the most important, or most useful, weapon in the Dahlgren family, I’d make the case for the XI-inch Shell Gun.  The Navy employed that weapon in every possible guise during the Civil War (and beyond).  The weapon served widely across the fleet in some of the most historic engagements.  The USSContinue reading “The “all purpose” shell gun: XI-inch Dahlgrens”