Battle of the Bands: West Point and Tredegar Parrotts

I mentioned the collection of Parrott rifles on Henry Hill, and that the varied lot affords visitors a “side-by-side” comparison of four major types of the 10-pdr Parrott guns.  Allow me to demonstrate such comparison by examining the breech bands on a West Point Parrott and two Tredegar guns. Walking from the visitor center, theContinue reading “Battle of the Bands: West Point and Tredegar Parrotts”

Are These Guns Bull Run Veterans?

I’m always fascinated with the paper trail that follows the cannons from manufacture, through acquisition, out to issue to the artillerists.  This invoice dated June 19-22, 1861 offers some insight in that regard. J.R. Anderson & Company (owners of Tredegar Iron Works) issued this invoice to the Confederate States for items sent to the WashingtonContinue reading “Are These Guns Bull Run Veterans?”