Wilson’s Creek: The First “Big” Campaign

Just before a holiday break in college, one of the Sergeant-Majors assigned to my ROTC detachment asked about my plans.  Of course I was headed home.  So he asked how far I’d drive.  I responded the time to drive from Fulton, Missouri to Kennett was just over five hours, any way you go.  “Five hours! Continue reading “Wilson’s Creek: The First “Big” Campaign”

Wilson’s Creek: “Sweeney Museum” Closure Delayed

News from Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield in Missouri: Civil War Anniversary Delays Museum Closing What could have been a stand-off over the Civil War Museum at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield has ended in a truce. A plan by the National Parks Service to close the museum on Route Z and store its collection in anContinue reading “Wilson’s Creek: “Sweeney Museum” Closure Delayed”

A Study of Initiative: Prairie Grove December 7, 1862

As you may have guessed, I excelled somewhat in the formal professional military history classes while in the Army.  Often in my zeal to impress, I’d pick obscure (to the audience) battles to reference when asked for examples.  Visiting Prairie Grove last week, I had flash backs to a paper written about initiative as aContinue reading “A Study of Initiative: Prairie Grove December 7, 1862”