15-inch Rodman Prototype: The Result of All Those Experiments

Having discussed the early casting experiments by Thomas J. Rodman to refine his casting technique and subsequent gunpowder tests, it is time I turned to the prototypes of the Rodman Guns.  Instead of constraining the next tests to just 10-inch weapons, the first prototype of the improved pattern increased to 15-inch.  The result was thisContinue reading “15-inch Rodman Prototype: The Result of All Those Experiments”

Rodman’s Gunpowder Experiments

Last month I focused on the early test of Thomas J. Rodman’s casting technique.  But Rodman didn’t just offer a new casting technique.  As we have seen looking  at his notes and experiments, he sought to refine almost every aspect of the gun to produce the ultimate weapon of its class.  Concurrently with testing theContinue reading “Rodman’s Gunpowder Experiments”

Origins of the Rodman – Early Experiments in the Rodman Method, Part 5

Other than perhaps the phenomenal descriptions of bursting guns flinging metal into the heavens, Thomas J. Rodman’s experiments were dry scientific procedures.  Rodman and other ordnance officers focused on gathering data to reduce the unknowns.  The experiments of 1849, 1851, 1856, and 1857 all built up to a conclusion from the experiments conducted at PittsburghContinue reading “Origins of the Rodman – Early Experiments in the Rodman Method, Part 5”