Iron Frogs: 8-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars

Once again, let me return to one of the photos from Broadway Landing: This time, let me call attention to the squat mortar in front of the row of howitzers: Like an iron frog, just sitting quietly.  Waiting for a chance to grab a passing fly. It is/was an 8-inch Siege Mortar, Model 1861, madeContinue reading “Iron Frogs: 8-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars”

Photo Examination: 10-inch Mortars at Dutch Gap

In an earlier post, I discussed the 10-inch seacoast mortars in this photo: The photo is remarkable at several layers.  I suspect the photographer captured work being done in July 1864.  The photo caption carries the caption “Work party and mortars at Butler’s Crow’s Nest.”  That leads me to dispatches appearing in the Official RecordsContinue reading “Photo Examination: 10-inch Mortars at Dutch Gap”

The Big Rodmans: 20-inch Rodmans, Part 2

In yesterday’s post on the 20-inch Rodman Gun, I’d mentioned the gun pictured below arrived at Fort Hamilton, New York for testing in the fall of 1864. Compared to the trials of the 15-inch gun, the 20-inch gun received a bit more fanfare – and full coverage in Harper’s Weekly. When first fired on OctoberContinue reading “The Big Rodmans: 20-inch Rodmans, Part 2”