Fortification Friday: Let’s apply this stuff in the field – Star Fort, Winchester, Virginia

Over the last few weeks in this Fortification Series, I’ve discussed Dennis Hart Mahan’s teachings about field fortifications specific to the vertical plane – or specifically the fortification profile.  As way of a refresher, the profile defined the heights and depths of the fortification to include the parapet, ditch, and glacis.  Those terms and componentsContinue reading “Fortification Friday: Let’s apply this stuff in the field – Star Fort, Winchester, Virginia”

Battle of Opequon (Third Winchester for some of you) 150th

I missed out on the 150th activities held for Opequon, or Third Winchester, held yesterday.  And spent much of today otherwise doing work.  Very sorry to have fallen down on my Sesquicentennial tweeting.  I do hope you’ve been able to follow the events by way of Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historic Park’s TwitterContinue reading “Battle of Opequon (Third Winchester for some of you) 150th”

3rd Winchester – Federal Left Flank

A few weeks back I was asked by a friend to do some stomping around the Third Winchester Battlefield, specifically sections outside the Civil War Preservation Trust property boundaries.  My friend is not able due to health and other circumstances to walk the ground on his own, so my task was to be his eyesContinue reading “3rd Winchester – Federal Left Flank”