That Confederate 6-pdr in the Belle Isle photo: An attempted identification

Likely you’ve seen this photo before: The view overlooks Belle Isle with Richmond, Virginia in the background. Naturally what I’m drawn to is the cannon. The size leads me to identify the field piece as a 6-pdr gun. But several details indicate this is no regulation 6-pdr. The breech face has a ring, or perhapsContinue reading “That Confederate 6-pdr in the Belle Isle photo: An attempted identification”

Sunbury’s Confederate Iron Guns

When showcasing the Confederate iron 6-pdr field guns from Tredegar I featured the guns at the Brawner Farm on the Second Manassas battlefield.  Another place to view a set of these iron smoothbores is Sunbury, Pennsylvania at the foot of the Northumberland County Civil War memorial. Because the iron fence prevents “walk around” I’ll stillContinue reading “Sunbury’s Confederate Iron Guns”