8-inch Rifled and Banded Columbiad … with a new coat of paint

I’ve discussed this gun’s history in earlier posts: It is is an 8-inch “New Columbiad,” or Model 1857 if you prefer, banded and rifled by the Confederates during the war. And it recently received some TLC to include a new coat of paint as part of the  The Fort Sumter Trust’s  Adopt-A-Cannon effort.  Now theContinue reading “8-inch Rifled and Banded Columbiad … with a new coat of paint”

Confederate Defenses on Sullivan’s Island in November 1863

The map, the defenses on Sullivan’s Island changed significantly between March and November 1863.  The previous spring, three important named works faced the entrance to the harbor, with two named works as “fillers” between the positions.  These named batteries and forts received heavier weapons through the summer months.  In addition, earthworks connected the batteries toContinue reading “Confederate Defenses on Sullivan’s Island in November 1863”

Ericsson’s Obstruction Remover tried again at Charleston

When the U.S. Navy attempted to pass Fort Sumter in April 1863, one feared component of the Confederate defenses were the obstructions and torpedoes anchored between Fort Sumter and Sullivan’s Island.  Seven months later and those obstructions still barred the Federals from Charleston harbor.  Rear-Admiral John Dahlgren cited them in his assessment of the situationContinue reading “Ericsson’s Obstruction Remover tried again at Charleston”