Summary Statement, 2nd Quarter, 1863 – 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery

Readers will be familiar with the 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery due to their service along the South Carolina coast.  Hardly a month passes without mention of that unit here on this blog.  Though the main story-line in the 3rd’s service was operations against Charleston, batteries from the regiment served at times in Florida andContinue reading “Summary Statement, 2nd Quarter, 1863 – 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery”

Captain Magee snoops around the Federal communication lines

Back in September 1863, the Confederates guarding the Charleston & Savannah Railroad foiled a Federal attempt to tap into telegraph lines.  Attempts to “hack” communications were not limited to the boys in blue.  The journal entry from General P.G.T. Beauregard’s headquarters for December 4, 1863 notes Captain J.J. Magee of the 7th South Carolina CavalryContinue reading “Captain Magee snoops around the Federal communication lines”

Thanksgiving Day 1863 outside Charleston

By some measure, the first “official” Thanksgiving occurred in 1863.  In accordance with a proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln, the holiday fell on the last Thursday of November.   This first official national observance took place on November 26.  The date did not pass without notice within the ranks of Federal troops on Morris and FollyContinue reading “Thanksgiving Day 1863 outside Charleston”