“Efficiently garrisoned as any in the department”: Evaulation of USCT troops in Florida

Bear with me for another “backwater of Florida” post here.  This has some sesquicentennial timing, as I like to incorporate here.  It also works into the USCT experience that I like to highlight as we proceed through the sesquicentennial. On September 5, 1864, Colonel Charles Brayton, Chief of Artillery for the Department of the South,Continue reading ““Efficiently garrisoned as any in the department”: Evaulation of USCT troops in Florida”

Where was Camp Casey, Virginia?

Jimmy Price offered up an interesting hypothetical, while at the same time asking the location of a wartime camp located in Arlington, Virginia. Camp Casey, as Jimmy points out, was one of several installations that sprang up around the Arlington area during the war.  Yet, an exact location description proves elusive. This is one ofContinue reading “Where was Camp Casey, Virginia?”

Another Paperwork Trail: Bellona 8-inch Columbiads

You might recall a couple of 8-inch guns  from St. Augustine from earlier in the Confederate Columbiad thread. The muzzle stamp very clearly identifies this gun as registry number 29. But you may recall that I took exception to the plaque at the base of the gun mount. As I said at the time, withContinue reading “Another Paperwork Trail: Bellona 8-inch Columbiads”