The Artilleryman Magazine Fall 2013 Issue

The Fall 2013 edition of the Artilleryman is out this month. Featured articles with Civil War interest include:

  • Analysis by Steven W. Knott of two photos showing Wiard Rifles on Morris Island.  In the Summer issue, he provided an excellent history of the Wiard rifles.  Knott is filling in some much needed detail to the history of these rare guns.
  • A look at the “Swamp Angel,” with the history of this famous gun.  David Martin adds more details than I did in my post on the same topic earlier this year.
  • Gettysburg Battle 150th – four pages of artillery in action during this summer’s sesquicentennial of that three day battle.
  • Photo gallery of night artillery fire on the New Market battlefield.

Non-Civil War related articles:

  • A look at a Revolutionary War era British Traveling Carriage built by Dr. Bruce Anderson for his 6-pdr field gun from the early 1700s.  Anderson used John Muller’s Treatise as a guide to reconstruct the carriage.
  • “Victorious Artilery Sergeant” – Chris Espenshade provides a study of Sergeant James Keating, a British artillerist who directed artillery in the battles of Prairie du Chien and Credit Island during the War of 1812.
  • A museum review of Southsea Castle, in Portsmouth, England.  The old seacoast fort features artillery dating back to 1544, with quite a number of English weapons in use at the time of the American Civil War.
  • Offering timeless lessons on the subject of safety around the guns, accounts from 1825-26 about cannon accidents.

Book reviews in this issue include:

  • “In the Limber Chest’ reviewed by Peter Frandsen.  This work is a compilation of Civil War era drill manuals, with modern safety practices overlaid.  I’m planning to purchasing a copy myself based on the review.

Editor Kathryn Jorgensen provides a selection of artillery new in the “A Little Roar” section in the opening pages of the magazine.  Civil War artillery related news includes restoration of 30-pdr Confederate Parrotts at Marietta, Ohio and 3-inch Ordnance Rifles in Williamsport, Maryland.  A letter to the editor continues the discussion about unfixed ammunition used in rifled guns during the Civil War.

Another issue with good reads from The Artilleryman.