Louisiana Native Guard Marker for Ship Island

From the Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi Sun-Herald: Historical marker installation to honor Louisiana Native Guard A new commemorative marker will soon tell the story of the historic significance of Ship Island to future generations. On Sunday, the Louisiana Native Guard Sesquicentennial Committee and Ship Island Excursions of Gulfport, in association with the National Park Service’s Gulf IslandsContinue reading “Louisiana Native Guard Marker for Ship Island”

Disloyalty in the Ordnance Department? The case of William Maynadier

In the tense days of December 1860, Captain William Maynadier became a central figure in the correspondence concerning the disposition of military stores.  Maynadier, a West Point graduate of 1827, was at that time the assistant to the Chief of Ordnance, Colonel Henry K. Craig.  Maynadier had served in that capacity since 1842.   InContinue reading “Disloyalty in the Ordnance Department? The case of William Maynadier”

150 Years Ago: Defending New Orleans

One-hundred and fifty years ago, Admiral David Farragut faced the difficult task of reducing or bypassing Confederate defenses to capture New Orleans.  The Confederates inherited an extensive network of fortifications constructed under the “Third System” by the U.S. Army from 1815 to 1860.  As such, the defenses provide a good study of the seacoast defenseContinue reading “150 Years Ago: Defending New Orleans”