New Preservation Effort: Fallen Timbers at Shiloh

Yesterday Civil War Trust sent word of another preservation effort, this one focused on a 267 acre tract on the Shiloh Battlefield in Tennessee. In a letter announcing this effort, Trust president Jim Lighthizer said: Leading a desperate charge to drive back a Union advance, Lt. Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest broke through a Federal skirmishContinue reading “New Preservation Effort: Fallen Timbers at Shiloh”

Invoicing those Iron 6-pdrs

Earlier I introduced the 6-pdr iron field guns produced by Tredegar.  The guns allude to either knowledge of the “Ordnance Shape” used on Federal artillery… or perhaps at a minimum similar solutions to the problem with cannon durability.  Of the three guns on the Brawner Farm at Manassas, two have legible foundry numbers.  Those areContinue reading “Invoicing those Iron 6-pdrs”

Bells into Guns: Tredegar’s Bronze 6-pdrs

When discussing the long production run of the Model 1841 6-pdr, I mentioned Confederate manufacture of the type.  At least six vendors produced 6-pdrs using the Model 1841 pattern for Confederate orders.  As with Federal manufacture, the production of the type ebbed and then ceased by mid-war.  Tredegar Foundry, in Richmond, produced just short ofContinue reading “Bells into Guns: Tredegar’s Bronze 6-pdrs”