Bigger Iron Frogs: 10-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars

Confederate Colonel Moses White probably wished he had a these in the armament of Fort Macon during March and April 1862: The pair are 10-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars. Colonel White’s garrison lacked mortars when Federals laid siege to the fort. Instead the Confederates used six 32-pdr carronades (and eventually some columbiads) for high angleContinue reading “Bigger Iron Frogs: 10-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars”

Iron Frogs: 8-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars

Once again, let me return to one of the photos from Broadway Landing: This time, let me call attention to the squat mortar in front of the row of howitzers: Like an iron frog, just sitting quietly.  Waiting for a chance to grab a passing fly. It is/was an 8-inch Siege Mortar, Model 1861, madeContinue reading “Iron Frogs: 8-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars”