Logistics – A Horse Soldier Perspective

First off, thanks to all who responded to the series of posts last week using the setting of Gettysburg to discuss some of the staff-related activities on the battlefield. Much of that readers have seen or heard before. I just felt compelled to collect those observations into one package. If nothing else, to break theContinue reading “Logistics – A Horse Soldier Perspective”

Fresh Interpretations: Manassas Marker Updates

August has been “Second Manassas” month for me.  I’ve tallied all my hikes and find I’ve walked, over the span of five visits, the distance of a day’s march for Jackson’s “Foot Cavalry.”  But Manassas is a “local” battlefield for me, just over a half-hour drive from my front porch.  So I am rather familiarContinue reading “Fresh Interpretations: Manassas Marker Updates”

The Guns of Second Manassas

Artillery played an important role in the battle of Second Manassas. From the opening shots over Brawner Farm to the closing actions along Dogan and Chinn Ridges and in front of Henry Hill, the artillery was in the thick of the fight. Today at the park, fifteen guns represent over eighty batteries engaged. As IContinue reading “The Guns of Second Manassas”