Missed assignment at Rowser’s Ford

For this post, let me pitch a curve ball – let it hang out there over the plate – and see if anyone crushes it.  I’ll say this is but an interpretation that I ask you to roll around a bit to see how it fits. If you’ve studied Major-General J.E.B. Stuart’s ride to Gettysburg,Continue reading “Missed assignment at Rowser’s Ford”

Marching Through Loudoun: June 23, 1863

June 23, 1863 was another day with no major troop movements in Loudoun County.  At this time five infantry corps and the cavalry corps camped across Loudoun. The remainder of the Army of the Potomac sat just across the county line in Fairfax and Prince William Counties.  For all the potential energy, the army lackedContinue reading “Marching Through Loudoun: June 23, 1863”

Marching Through Loudoun: June 18, 1863

Through the month of June 1863, the Army of the Potomac made two large operational pivots. The first pivot took place after the Battle of Brandy Station with the army moving off the Rappahannock River, where it faced generally south, into a position facing west. As my friend Clark Hall mentioned in the comments yesterday,Continue reading “Marching Through Loudoun: June 18, 1863”