September 28, 1864: Beauregard heading back to Charleston

On September 28, 1864, Brigadier-General Rufus Saxton passed along two intercepted messages from the Confederate lines at Charleston.  The second of these, from Beach Inlet to Battery Bee, read: Captain Smith requests that you will let us know when General Beauregard crossed the bridge. With this bit of information, Saxton asked his superior, Major-General JohnContinue reading “September 28, 1864: Beauregard heading back to Charleston”

Ordnance to repel the Ironclads: Eason Brothers and the arms buildup in Charleston

There’s a tendency, as one considers the Civil War from a high level, to consider Charleston, South Carolina as a “backwater” after the start of the war.  Yet hardly a day went by from the fall of 1862 to the Confederate evacuation in 1865 which didn’t see some military activity.  Several important battles – Secessionville,Continue reading “Ordnance to repel the Ironclads: Eason Brothers and the arms buildup in Charleston”

A Defective Brooke Rifle at Fort Pulaski

Sited between the two 4.5-inch Blakely rifles on the eastern point of Fort Pulaski is an interesting 6.4-inch Double Banded Brooke Rifle. It’s one of my favorite cannons.  As with many Civil War-era guns, it has a story to tell.  However, I don’t think the story is, as of yet, complete. For some reason, theContinue reading “A Defective Brooke Rifle at Fort Pulaski”