Photo foresics on a burst Parrott Rifle

While everyone else is combing through crowd photos looking for glimpses of Abraham Lincoln, I’ll stick to the photos of guns and beach sand.  Back a few years when discussing the big Parrott rifles from a technical and service history standpoint, I left open discussion about the type’s tendency to burst, looking for a goodContinue reading “Photo foresics on a burst Parrott Rifle”

Is that a Parrott or Chambers Gun?

My friend Phil Spaugy passed along an interesting link from the Virginia Military Institute archives.  The article, authored by L. VanLoan Naiswald and titled “Civil War Parrott Gun Met its First Successful Test on the VMI Post,” provides an overview of initial use of the famous Parrott rifle.  It appeared in the Spring 1993 editionContinue reading “Is that a Parrott or Chambers Gun?”

Battle of the Bands: West Point and Tredegar Parrotts

I mentioned the collection of Parrott rifles on Henry Hill, and that the varied lot affords visitors a “side-by-side” comparison of four major types of the 10-pdr Parrott guns.  Allow me to demonstrate such comparison by examining the breech bands on a West Point Parrott and two Tredegar guns. Walking from the visitor center, theContinue reading “Battle of the Bands: West Point and Tredegar Parrotts”