Fortification Friday: Wheeler’s magazines – experience brings refinement

Last week, we saw that Junius B. Wheeler’s post-war text (for cadets studying fortifications) included an emphasis on building shelters for troops within the fortifications.  Not that the arrangements featured new building techniques.  Rather the emphasis on what was protected, and how it was protected, shifted.  That last post looked at shelters for the troops.Continue reading “Fortification Friday: Wheeler’s magazines – experience brings refinement”

Fortification Friday: Carefully place and construct Powder Magazines!

So you’ve built your works and improved it with a nice set of batteries.  Great!  Are those walls and obstacles all that is needed to scare away an attacker?  Probably not.  At some point, the defenders will need to do more than sit being the parapet.  They will need to do some shooting.  And shooting requires,Continue reading “Fortification Friday: Carefully place and construct Powder Magazines!”