Wainwright’s Diary, March 20, 1864: “Nothing of note has happened”

Colonel Charles C. Wainwright’s days seemed to slow with the first day of spring 1864: March 20, Sunday. Nothing of note has happened the last three days: on Friday there was a great stir under reports that Lee was going to take the initiative this spring, and was actually moving to attack us…. Wainwright continuedContinue reading “Wainwright’s Diary, March 20, 1864: “Nothing of note has happened””

The Federal signal hub on Pony Mountain

Having established the importance of Pony Mountain (or Mount Pony if you prefer) in the Federal signal network used during the winter of 1864, let me pass along some additional information on that grand old monadnock.  Clark “Bud” Hall wrote an article detailing the history of the mountain in 2006.  He has graciously allowed meContinue reading “The Federal signal hub on Pony Mountain”

Intelligence forwarded by wig-wag: Signal Stations as Observation Posts

Consider this exchange of messages filed by Captain Lemuel Norton’s signal stations on February 24, 1864: Pony Mountain, February 24, 1864–10.40 a.m. Captain Norton: A brigade of infantry moving down in direction of Morton’s Ford. Bartley. —– Headquarters Army of the Potomac, February 24, 1864. Lieutenant Bartley: Watch that brigade closely. How far from Morton’sContinue reading “Intelligence forwarded by wig-wag: Signal Stations as Observation Posts”