Cavalry Tactics: Evolution of drill regulations

Going back to my “archives” to a post from the old days, let me mention Captain Alonzo Gray’s “Cavalry Tactics as Illustrated by the War of the Rebellion.”  That work has flaws, particularly from the stance of military professional reading (as in he completely missed a lot of important factors which would preclude the useContinue reading “Cavalry Tactics: Evolution of drill regulations”

Sometimes you make the best of what you get: Ox Hill Battlefield

At a busy Northern Virginia intersection, tucked between office buildings, shopping complexes, and cookie-cutter housing complexes, is a small stand of just under five acres.  That’s all that remains intact of the land over which some 26,000 men fought over on September 1, 1862 during the battle of Chantilly or Ox Hill. The history ofContinue reading “Sometimes you make the best of what you get: Ox Hill Battlefield”