Some Friday ‘splody: Civil War Cannons

Busy day on this end and not much time for creativity.  So I’ll steal a line from Xbrad and post some ‘splody videos.  I’ve assigned myself the mission to post something about Fort Clinch in the next few weeks and I’m currently discussing the 3-inch Ordnance Rifles, so this video dovetails into place: I’ll featureContinue reading “Some Friday ‘splody: Civil War Cannons”

Just leave the cannons alone….

From the New Jersey Newsroom: Civil War Monument in Hightstown, N.J. the focus of Christmas decorating debate Hightstown officials are decorating the borough’s Civil War monument with Christmas lights this year, and that decision has sparked conflict in the Mercer County town. Seven of the nine members of Hightstown’s Historic Preservation Commission resigned in protest,Continue reading “Just leave the cannons alone….”

Is that a Parrott or Chambers Gun?

My friend Phil Spaugy passed along an interesting link from the Virginia Military Institute archives.  The article, authored by L. VanLoan Naiswald and titled “Civil War Parrott Gun Met its First Successful Test on the VMI Post,” provides an overview of initial use of the famous Parrott rifle.  It appeared in the Spring 1993 editionContinue reading “Is that a Parrott or Chambers Gun?”