150 years ago at Fort Sumter: “The usual firing was renewed…”

For November 11, 1863, the journal entry from General P.G.T. Beauregard’s headquarters read: The enemy’s fleet inside the bar this morning have not materially changed, either in number or character of vessels, since yesterday. Last night a false alarm was created in Fort Sumter by the report of a blue light. The men got uponContinue reading “150 years ago at Fort Sumter: “The usual firing was renewed…””

Explosion in the turret: Parrott Rifle problems afloat

Parrott Rifles carry a bad reputation for failures.  I’ve mentioned and offered illustration of some failures on Morris Island (and there is more to come when time permits).  But some of those big Parrott rifles served on the monitors off shore.  The Army’s gun crews had the opportunity to place a barrier between them andContinue reading “Explosion in the turret: Parrott Rifle problems afloat”

Photo foresics on a burst Parrott Rifle

While everyone else is combing through crowd photos looking for glimpses of Abraham Lincoln, I’ll stick to the photos of guns and beach sand.  Back a few years when discussing the big Parrott rifles from a technical and service history standpoint, I left open discussion about the type’s tendency to burst, looking for a goodContinue reading “Photo foresics on a burst Parrott Rifle”