Fortification Friday: Talking about the Palisades… but not the park!

There, you have Freddie Cannon in your head. But we need to segue from that “Cannon” over to discuss one of the obstructions that engineers would put in front of cannons placed in Civil War forts – palisades.  In his pre-war text on field fortifications, Mahan described palisades as such: Palisades. A palisade is aContinue reading “Fortification Friday: Talking about the Palisades… but not the park!”

Fortification Friday: Accessories for the fort… obstacles

Bet you didn’t realize the need to accessorize your fort?  Yes, after digging all those ditches, piling dirt for the parapet, then addressing revetments and such, there was still work to do.  This work was to supplement the defensive character of the fortification by way of obstacles or other impediments in the path of the attacker.  MahanContinue reading “Fortification Friday: Accessories for the fort… obstacles”