Iron rifle from Rome: Noble Brothers 3-inch Rifle

Yesterday I mentioned a 3-inch iron rifle at the Arlington County veterans memorial in Clarendon, Virginia.  Although resembling those Tredegar weapons of the same caliber, this particular gun came from Noble Brothers & Company of Rome, Georgia. Stamps on the right trunnion leave no doubt as to the origin of this weapon: “Noble Brothers &Continue reading “Iron rifle from Rome: Noble Brothers 3-inch Rifle”

Counterfeit Parrotts: Confederate 10-pdr Production (Part 1)

Having worked in the discussion of Confederate 10-pdr Parrott rifles (2.9-inch or 3-inch bore size) now by comparing the guns on Henry Hill at Manassas, I’ll share my notes about production of the weapons.  The Confederate Parrotts were not, as indicated with the breech band construction, exacting copies of West Point (Federal) Parrotts.  Nor wasContinue reading “Counterfeit Parrotts: Confederate 10-pdr Production (Part 1)”