Day Two at the CW Navy Conference: Priceless Artifacts

I am just about to head out for the second day of the Civil War Navy Conference and am looking forward to even more great presentations on steel ships, steam engines, muzzle-loading cannons, and iron men.  So while the posting is light, I’ll stream Twitter updates when possible. But I will leave you Twitter-averse typesContinue reading “Day Two at the CW Navy Conference: Priceless Artifacts”

Earthquakes and Hurricanes! Natural Disasters and the Civil War

I’m sure someone has considered the impact of natural disasters on the Civil War, but apparently nobody has put forward a book length study of the subject.  Perhaps that’s because there just isn’t anything to write about! And that is not to say there is insufficient data.  The US Geological Survey (USGS), Department of theContinue reading “Earthquakes and Hurricanes! Natural Disasters and the Civil War”

Charting a More Perfect Union

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) now offers many Civil War era maps, charts, and notes on-line as part of an exhibit titled “Charting a More Perfect Union.”  For those studying coastal and ravine operations in the war, these resources are a gold mine. Established in 1807, US Coastal Survey, one of NOAA’s predecessors,Continue reading “Charting a More Perfect Union”