From the Pittsburgh Steelers: Singer, Nimick, and Company 3-inch Rifles

OK, so they had rifled steel cannons in the Civil War. How about an example of one? If you’ve visited Gettysburg recently, you’ve probably walked by this one on the way to the theater. This may look like a typical 3-inch Ordnance Rifle. But there is a significant difference. This rifle is not from PhoenixContinue reading “From the Pittsburgh Steelers: Singer, Nimick, and Company 3-inch Rifles”

New Preservation Efforts: Parker’s Crossroads and Franklin

Last week Civil War Trust announced two new preservation efforts in Tennessee to acquire ground at the Tennessee battlefields of Parker’s Crossroads and Franklin.  These efforts target 52 acres at Parker’s Crossroads and 5 acres at Franklin. Thus far, efforts of the Trust, The Parker’s Crossroads Battlefield Association, and other groups have preserved about 300Continue reading “New Preservation Efforts: Parker’s Crossroads and Franklin”

Trip Report: Fort Pillow

Another stop on my late summer vacation last year was Fort Pillow.  For some reason I left this post in the queue unpublished.  So pardon an “out of sequence” post! The state park is a bit out of the way, and I had not visited the site since the late 1990s.  Fellow blogger Nick KurtzContinue reading “Trip Report: Fort Pillow”