A Real Missouri Civil War Story: My “Bushwacker” in the Attic

Today is the 150th anniversary of the sacking of Osceola, Missouri.  On September 23, 1861, James H. Lane led a force of Kansas troops into the town.  After driving off a token guard force, Lane’s men looted the town.  The Kansans executed nine men then proceeded to burn the town practically to ashes.  No matterContinue reading “A Real Missouri Civil War Story: My “Bushwacker” in the Attic”

People! It is called a JOKE!

Missouri.  Yes the Show Me state.  Why “Show Me”?  Well because half the time Missourians cannot believe the tall tales we tell amongst ourselves! Look, I come from the state that produced the likes of Mark Twain and Redd Fox (and throw in Cedric the Entertainer for the younger set!).  We like a funny storyContinue reading “People! It is called a JOKE!”

Battle Ranges: Columbus-Belmont

On the ride home, we stopped off at Columbus-Belmont State Park in Columbus, Kentucky. The park is a great example of moderating recreational use at a historic site.  Erosion has cut through much of the extensive fortifications that lined the bluffs there in 1861.  However, interpretation aids the visitor, explaining the significance of the ConfederateContinue reading “Battle Ranges: Columbus-Belmont”