Mississippi River Memories

When I was young, the family would often take a Sunday afternoon trip over to “see the river.”  There was little need to specify which river, as everyone assumed you meant the Mississippi River.   Our usual stop was along the river levee at Caruthersville, Missouri. I can’t say this rather average section of North America’sContinue reading “Mississippi River Memories”

The Siege of Fort Pillow

While Fort Pillow is know best for the infamous massacre which occurred when General N.B. Forrest attacked a Federal garrison there on April 12, 1864.  Often overlooked is the siege of Fort Pillow two years earlier as part of the combined Army-Navy advance down the Mississippi River.  Like many of the battle sites in thatContinue reading “The Siege of Fort Pillow”

Mississippi River Placenames

Years ago in college I happened upon a useful Mississippi River reference – Marion Bragg’s Historic Names and Places on the Lower Mississippi River.   At the time I was studying all sorts of “local” history around the Memphis area,  and found it invaluable to figure out the twists and turns of old river lore.  TheContinue reading “Mississippi River Placenames”