Fortification Friday: Wheeler vs. Mahan, Embrasures and Bonnettes

Last week we gave time to Junius B. Wheeler’s instructions about barbette batteries.  Now let us turn to his thoughts on embrasures, which were the alternative siting of artillery in a field fortification.  Wheeler offered this drawing of an embrasure for reference: Perhaps a cleaner diagram than Mahan used, either in his pre-war or post-warContinue reading “Fortification Friday: Wheeler vs. Mahan, Embrasures and Bonnettes”

Fortification Friday: Direct and Oblique Embrasures

Last Friday we introduced the embrasure and identified the components of that structure.  In brief, the embrasure allowed the defender to place artillery so as to fire through the parapet instead of over it, thus granting the gunners some protection.  However, the nature of the embrasure limited the field of fire for the cannon.  ThusContinue reading “Fortification Friday: Direct and Oblique Embrasures”