A Bore-ing Day at Manassas

Yesterday the staff and I took an afternoon trip to Manassas to burn off what energy we had left after a day of yard-work.  While on the Henry Hill trail, I took the opportunity to take “measure” of some familiar guns. I’ve always carried a tape measure and small ruler with my camera/field bag.  ButContinue reading “A Bore-ing Day at Manassas”

Model 1861 6-pdr Field Gun: The Ultimate Form, But a Little too Late

In American service the 6-pdr field gun, as a class of weapon, progressed from an “iron age” to a series of bronze guns (Model 1835, Models 1838 and 1840), evolving into the definitive Model 1841.  Through this evolution the ordnance officers paid some attention to the external form, so the exterior retained moldings with manyContinue reading “Model 1861 6-pdr Field Gun: The Ultimate Form, But a Little too Late”

Manassas Landscape Restoration Projects

The Park Service has posted informative signs at both Brawner Farm and on Matthews Hill detailing the ongoing landscape restoration projects. Although some historical details are included on the signs, since these are temporary in nature, I’m not inclined to place them in the Historical Marker Database. Each sign provides details of the project scope.Continue reading “Manassas Landscape Restoration Projects”