“The day was hot, as hot as I’ve ever seen…” – 150th Saturday at Manassas

Yes… hot…. H – O – T, hot!    But worth what every discomfort the weather brought. Got back a few hours ago from a trip to Manassas attending the 150th events at the park.  In spite of the heat, the experience was more positive than negative.  I’d love to hear an account of how theContinue reading ““The day was hot, as hot as I’ve ever seen…” – 150th Saturday at Manassas”

Battle of the Bands: West Point and Tredegar Parrotts

I mentioned the collection of Parrott rifles on Henry Hill, and that the varied lot affords visitors a “side-by-side” comparison of four major types of the 10-pdr Parrott guns.  Allow me to demonstrate such comparison by examining the breech bands on a West Point Parrott and two Tredegar guns. Walking from the visitor center, theContinue reading “Battle of the Bands: West Point and Tredegar Parrotts”

Henry Hill’s Parrotts

No, not this Henry Hill…. Or the real Henry Hill… Although he would have used them if he had them… I’m talking about THIS Henry Hill: Or as Harry Smeltzer prefers – Henry House Hill. Today six Parrott Rifles represent the Federal batteries that stood on the hill in the afternoon of July 21, 1861. Continue reading “Henry Hill’s Parrotts”