Confederate Memorials… and Reason

From time to time I’ve deviated from the main topics of this blog – or shall I say the strict content line – to discuss matters surrounding the memorials for Civil War subjects.  It’s not too far off my preferred line of discussion.  After all, in the functional sense, markers, monuments and memorials tend toContinue reading “Confederate Memorials… and Reason”

Update on the Northern Virginia North-South Corridor

The proposed North-South Corridor came up in local news again this week. I’ve mentioned this in the past and how it could impact the Manassas battlefield. This proposal essentially replaced the stalled Tri-County Parkway. In short, this would provide a high speed corridor, with multi-lane highways and no at-grade crossings, from I-95 through the ManassasContinue reading “Update on the Northern Virginia North-South Corridor”

Marching Through Loudoun: June 27, 1863

In contrast to previous days, June 27th was a relatively orderly crossing at Edwards Ferry. While serious command issues rose and came to a sharp conclusion, the troops kept crossing the river. At least through the morning, Major-General Winfield S. Hancock remained in the Edwards Ferry vicinity, tracking movements. First in the line of marchContinue reading “Marching Through Loudoun: June 27, 1863”