Confederate forces opposing Sherman’s March, November 1864

Earlier I broke down the organization of Major-General William T. Sherman’s force used on the March to the Sea, at least down to the division level.  While interesting, in regard to the varied experiences (eastern and western theaters) of the leaders, the Federal order of battle is rather easy to track.  It was unified underContinue reading “Confederate forces opposing Sherman’s March, November 1864”

Minty’s Bad Day

Several episodes between the battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga deserve attention as we think about how operations in east Tennessee played out through the fall of 1863.  I’ve mentioned the railroads and waterways that brought reinforcements to Chattanooga.  And while the Federals were working hard to reinforce and supply Chattanooga, the Confederates were (while notContinue reading “Minty’s Bad Day”