A Brief History of the 2nd Missouri Artillery

The story of the 2nd Missouri Artillery is very much atypical, when considered beside other artillery formations raised during the Civil War.  Yet, that atypical unit history is somewhat a typical for Missouri regiments.  I’ve discussed some aspects of the 2nd Missouri’s history in previous posts (see here, here, here, here, and here).  But let’sContinue reading “A Brief History of the 2nd Missouri Artillery”

A lost gun at Chalk Bluff on the St. Francis

A long time back, I wrote about the battle of Chalk Bluff on the St. Francis River at the Arkansas-Missouri border. Since that battle occurred close to my boyhood home, it has always been a favored research topic. Even if scant resources exist for that nearly forgotten battle. As I mentioned in the earlier posts,Continue reading “A lost gun at Chalk Bluff on the St. Francis”

New historical markers for opposite ends of the war

Couple of entries from the Civil War historical marker category. The Annandale Patch reports there’s a new marker in Fairfax: New Civil War Marker Installed in Mason District Park Visitors to Mason District Park may notice a new addition to the park not far from the picnic tables near the baseball field. Last Wednesday, aContinue reading “New historical markers for opposite ends of the war”