Big mortars firing small projectiles: Stone Mortars

There’s one other type of mortar which was around during the Civil War. I’ve saved the stone mortars for the end since their employment and service was more trivial than practical. Like the other mortars, the evolution of stone mortars goes back to before the Revolution. Writing in the 1768, John Muller offered this descriptionContinue reading “Big mortars firing small projectiles: Stone Mortars”

150 Years Ago: They were using sling carts

When we think of moving artillery, discussion often turns to limbers and horses.  And that is fine if our conversation focuses on field artillery.  Bigger guns pose a problem, as they approach the upper limits of what a reasonable team of horses might pull. Yet sooner or later operational demands required movement of those biggerContinue reading “150 Years Ago: They were using sling carts”

Origins of the American 6-pdr Field Gun

To start the discussion about 6-pdr field guns used in the Civil War, let me first turn to the origins of that “class” of weapon.  Looking back to colonial times, combatants used 6-pdr guns in North America long before there was a United States.  The type remained in the active inventory through the end ofContinue reading “Origins of the American 6-pdr Field Gun”