Case shot and practice of fire: A conundrum?

Consider this figure: This particular figure appeared in “Elementary Lectures on artillery: Prepared for the use of the gentlemen cadets of the Royal Military Academy” by Captains Charles Henry Owen and Thomas Longworth Dames, published in 1861.  And as “Royal” implied, these were English officers and not Americans.  Still, the technology was the same andContinue reading “Case shot and practice of fire: A conundrum?”

Canister and our silly notions about canister

It is my perception is that the average student of the Civil War latches on to some misconceptions about canister as used from field artillery.  And from that misconception, the student (buff, enthusiast, or even credentialed historian as it may be) carries forward to some misunderstandings as to how artillery was used on the CivilContinue reading “Canister and our silly notions about canister”

“Their salvation is in sticking to their pieces” – Small arms for artillery batteries?

I hope readers are finding the summary statements of value, and possibly of use in their research.  Thus far we are about halfway through the December 1862 summaries.  And we will “trudge” through the rest of those in order.  While I could overload the audience with a full report – to include tools, implements, lubricants,Continue reading ““Their salvation is in sticking to their pieces” – Small arms for artillery batteries?”