USS Olympia News – An East Coast Home?

An interesting update on the USS Olympia: Vallejo Group Plans to Bid for USS Olympia A Vallejo group wants to bring a historic, 19th century naval vessel to the San Francisco Bay area. The Navy Yard Association — a group of former naval shipyard workers on Mare Island — plans to apply for the USSContinue reading “USS Olympia News – An East Coast Home?”

USS Olympia Tour

A couple of weeks back I mentioned the sad story of the USS Olympia.  As the ship is due to close in November, I wanted to get a tour in before the summer ran out.   After all this is the last surviving warship from the Spanish-American War.  A Saturday morning drive to Philadelphia allowedContinue reading “USS Olympia Tour”

USS Olympia

(Since posting this, I’ve toured and published photos of the USS Olympia.) Naval battles are always tricky to understand and interpret.  Unless you have some superpowers, one cannot “walk the ground” of a naval battlefield.  As such, the study of naval weapon systems takes added importance.  To understand the differences and similarities between the battlesContinue reading “USS Olympia”