Bull Runnings Research Assignment: Why Were Ricketts and Griffin on Henry Hill?

The other day, Harry Smeltzer and I were bantering back and forth about the Civil War.  And if you know Harry, then you know he’s a “one battle” guy, sorta…. that being First Manassas or First Bull Run, depending on how you button your shirt.  Well that spawned a question to ponder. The question inContinue reading “Bull Runnings Research Assignment: Why Were Ricketts and Griffin on Henry Hill?”

Counterfeit Parrotts: Confederate 10-pdr Production (Part 2)

I left yesterday’s post noting some Tredegar 10-pdr Parrots with significant external form variations and different rifling patterns.  We’ve been working up to an example of that type, which is the fourth gun in line when walking to the Henry House from the visitor center at Manassas. And I would add, for those who payContinue reading “Counterfeit Parrotts: Confederate 10-pdr Production (Part 2)”

Battle of the Bands: West Point and Tredegar Parrotts

I mentioned the collection of Parrott rifles on Henry Hill, and that the varied lot affords visitors a “side-by-side” comparison of four major types of the 10-pdr Parrott guns.  Allow me to demonstrate such comparison by examining the breech bands on a West Point Parrott and two Tredegar guns. Walking from the visitor center, theContinue reading “Battle of the Bands: West Point and Tredegar Parrotts”