February 3, 1865: Confederate leaders plan to counter Sherman

On February 2, 1865, there was a meeting of the “chiefs” at Green’s Cut Station, south of Augusta, Georgia (where else would the greens be cut?).  General P.G.T. Beauregard, Lieutenant-General William Hardee, Major-General Daniel H. Hill, and Major-General Gustavus W. Smith attended.  These generals’ attention was focused on a single question – How to stopContinue reading “February 3, 1865: Confederate leaders plan to counter Sherman”

Leaving Savannah in the Night: Hardee’s evacuation

On January 3, 1861, pro-secessionist forces seized Fort Pulaski.  Events propelled Savannah into the the forefront of the secession crisis.  From the start, the Savannah was one of the Confederacy’s leading cities.  And from the start, Confederate leaders prepared to defend the city.  Fortifications ringed the city and warded off Federal threats, even after theContinue reading “Leaving Savannah in the Night: Hardee’s evacuation”

Marching Through Georgia, December 10, 1864: “The last five of our 300 mile march”

On this day in 1864, Major-General William T. Sherman’s columns reached the main line of defenses outside Savannah.  For the most part, I’ve been able to use large scale maps to provide a general description of the movements of the columns during the march.  For December 10th, that map would look like this: The generalContinue reading “Marching Through Georgia, December 10, 1864: “The last five of our 300 mile march””