Gorgas: “The waste of ammuntion at Charleston … is a grave error”

Throughout September of 1863, General P.G.T. Beauregard and Confederate Adjutant General Samuel Cooper carried on correspondence about the ordnance and munitions used at Charleston.  Cooper related several criticisms voiced in Richmond.  President Jefferson Davis worried about the high expenditure of ammunition.  To which Beauregard said those rates were “but the only way of retarding theContinue reading “Gorgas: “The waste of ammuntion at Charleston … is a grave error””

…Gunpowder for the Guns…

Fellow blogger Jim Schmidt authored a post, published yesterday on Civil War Monitor, regarding the importance of gunpowder and the war effort – particularly for the Federals.  As Jim noted, during the war there were more uses for gunpowder than just firing cannons! His post, however gives me the opportunity to raise a few pointsContinue reading “…Gunpowder for the Guns…”