Battery Wagner after its capture: Photo Analysis

The next set of Morris Island photos for which I’m working up blog presentations are several featuring Battery Wagner after it became the Federal Fort Wagner… or the seldom used proper name – Fort Strong.  Dating the photos has proved a challenge to me.  These could have been from anytime between October 1863 to theContinue reading “Battery Wagner after its capture: Photo Analysis”

Winding down Morris Island

I’ve been on this Morris Island run since the days after Gettysburg in July. Two and a half months of mostly Morris Island stuff. Not that I complain. I find it fun to write about a lively, interesting (to me at least) topic. But I’ve got to begin “ground work” for the next round ofContinue reading “Winding down Morris Island”

The demolition of Fort Sumter in graphic detail

I could say I’ve studied this Fort Sumter photo for a good number of years. My first encounter was in one of those large collection of Civil War photos, you know like that big book which is anchoring the lower shelf in your library. It was not until recently, with access to the Library ofContinue reading “The demolition of Fort Sumter in graphic detail”