Summary Statement, 2nd Quarter, 1863 – Heavy Artillery

Let me give the heavy artillery batteries, battalions, and regiments their due for this quarter of the summary.  While looking at each of the state sections, we’ve mentioned a few of these batteries.  But not the whole.  The omission, by those at the Ordnance Department, was mostly due to bureaucratic definitions than any overt action.Continue reading “Summary Statement, 2nd Quarter, 1863 – Heavy Artillery”

Fortification Friday: Applying what we know about fortification batteries

So we’ve defined and examined the different types of batteries used in field fortifications.  We know barbettes allowed the guns to fire over the parapet, while embrasures had the guns firing through the parapet.  And we also referred to rules for building platforms under the guns. Lots of “book learning” but how does that applyContinue reading “Fortification Friday: Applying what we know about fortification batteries”

Where was Camp Casey, Virginia?

Jimmy Price offered up an interesting hypothetical, while at the same time asking the location of a wartime camp located in Arlington, Virginia. Camp Casey, as Jimmy points out, was one of several installations that sprang up around the Arlington area during the war.  Yet, an exact location description proves elusive. This is one ofContinue reading “Where was Camp Casey, Virginia?”