Fort Pulaski is a $21m local economic benefit, but is the 150th having an impact?

From the Fort Pulaski National Monument website: Fort Pulaski National Monument Tourism Creates $21,605,000 in Local Economic Benefit Savannah, GA – A new National Park Service (NPS) report for 2011 shows that the 408,104 visitors to Fort Pulaski National Monument spent $21,605,000 in communities surrounding the park. This spending supported 312 jobs in the localContinue reading “Fort Pulaski is a $21m local economic benefit, but is the 150th having an impact?”

Sesquicentennial Events at Fort Pulaski

Tis the season for sesquicentennial events!  I mentioned and linked to the Shiloh 150th plans yesterday.  Let me turn to another of my favorite battlefields… further south … along the coast to Fort Pulaski.  Fort Pulaski National Monument hosts several days of sesquicentennial events from April 11 to 15. Boat tours on April 10 andContinue reading “Sesquicentennial Events at Fort Pulaski”

150 Years Ago: They were using sling carts

When we think of moving artillery, discussion often turns to limbers and horses.  And that is fine if our conversation focuses on field artillery.  Bigger guns pose a problem, as they approach the upper limits of what a reasonable team of horses might pull. Yet sooner or later operational demands required movement of those biggerContinue reading “150 Years Ago: They were using sling carts”