Evolution of the Big Mortars: 13-inch Mortars Model 1861, Part 1

Yesterday I discussed the classifications of mortars used in the Civil War period.  Today I’ll focus on the largest of the “heavy” mortars – the 13-inch Model 1861.  Due to employment, this mortar fits into two of those classifications – seacoast and sea.  So let me provide a brief history of the type and someContinue reading “Evolution of the Big Mortars: 13-inch Mortars Model 1861, Part 1”

Less successful sibling: The 13-inch Rodman Gun

I’ve detailed the design and production histories of the 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch Rifle, and 15-inch Rodman Guns.  Before I turn to the “big brother” of the set, the 20-inch Rodman, for sake of complete coverage I should mention the 13-inch Rodman smoothbore gun. Thomas J. Rodman’s 1861 patterns included the 13-inch gun with proportions betweenContinue reading “Less successful sibling: The 13-inch Rodman Gun”

15-inch Rodman Prototype: The Result of All Those Experiments

Having discussed the early casting experiments by Thomas J. Rodman to refine his casting technique and subsequent gunpowder tests, it is time I turned to the prototypes of the Rodman Guns.  Instead of constraining the next tests to just 10-inch weapons, the first prototype of the improved pattern increased to 15-inch.  The result was thisContinue reading “15-inch Rodman Prototype: The Result of All Those Experiments”