The “all purpose” shell gun: XI-inch Dahlgrens

If pressed to name the most important, or most useful, weapon in the Dahlgren family, I’d make the case for the XI-inch Shell Gun.  The Navy employed that weapon in every possible guise during the Civil War (and beyond).  The weapon served widely across the fleet in some of the most historic engagements.  The USSContinue reading “The “all purpose” shell gun: XI-inch Dahlgrens”

Bigger Iron Frogs: 10-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars

Confederate Colonel Moses White probably wished he had a these in the armament of Fort Macon during March and April 1862: The pair are 10-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars. Colonel White’s garrison lacked mortars when Federals laid siege to the fort. Instead the Confederates used six 32-pdr carronades (and eventually some columbiads) for high angleContinue reading “Bigger Iron Frogs: 10-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars”

Iron Frogs: 8-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars

Once again, let me return to one of the photos from Broadway Landing: This time, let me call attention to the squat mortar in front of the row of howitzers: Like an iron frog, just sitting quietly.  Waiting for a chance to grab a passing fly. It is/was an 8-inch Siege Mortar, Model 1861, madeContinue reading “Iron Frogs: 8-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars”